HVTCameraListener Listener interface used to deliver the events of HVTCamera regarding the running state, recording status, handle errors and update the UI. 


CameraHelper A helper class that provides with useful information about the device's cameras and their capabilities. 
HorizonSDK The base class of Horizon SDK. 
HVTCamcorderProfile A Camcorder profile that can be used by HVTCamera to set-up recording
HVTCamera You can use a HVTCamera object to establish a connection with the camera, attach a HVTView, capture videos and photos. 
HVTVars Class that declares enums that specify the behaviour of the leveler and HVTCamera
HVTView HVTView is a android.view.View View that can be attached to HVTCamera to preview video. 
Size Immutable class for describing width and height dimensions in pixels. 


HVTVars.CameraMode Enum about the different camera modes supported by HVTCamera
HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode Enum specifying the way the leveler adjusts the scale and rotation of the crop region according to the device's physical orientation. 
HVTVars.HVTLevelerFlexSpeed Enum specifying the speed that the crop region scales (the resulting video zooms) when the leveler's crop mode is FLEX
HVTVars.HVTLevelerLockedOrientation Enum specifying the expected physical orientation of the device when the leveler's crop mode is LOCKED
HVTView.FillMode Enum indicating how the video preview is displayed within HVTView's bounds. 
HVTView.ViewType Enum indicating if HVTView will show the actual camera frame or the leveled frame.