public static final enum


extends Enum<E extends Enum<E>>
   ↳ java.lang.Enum<E extends java.lang.Enum<E>>
     ↳ com.hvt.horizonSDK.HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode

Class Overview

Enum specifying the way the leveler adjusts the scale and rotation of the crop region according to the device's physical orientation.

You can read how the camera frame is processed by HVTCamera according to the leveler at HVTCamera and how each mode affects the output at HVTCamera#setLevelerCropMode().


Enum Values
HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode  FLEX  Crop region will rotate and scale accordingly. 
HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode  LOCKED  Leveling is disabled. 
HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode  ROTATE  Crop region will rotate and use a constant scale level. 
Public Methods
static HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode valueOf(String name)
final static HVTLevelerCropMode[] values()
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Enum Values

public static final HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode FLEX

Crop region will rotate and scale accordingly.

The result will be leveled. The crop region will scale up/down depending on the current orientation, so that it makes use of as much as possible of the original camera frame. The field of view will vary according to the device orientation. The speed that scaling up/down occurs is defined in HVTVars.HVTLevelerFlexSpeed

public static final HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode LOCKED

Leveling is disabled. Crop region will rotate for specific angles (multiples of 90 degrees) in order to match a horizontal or vertical physical device orientation.

The angle of the crop region is affected by HVTVars.HVTLevelerLockedOrientation

If recording starts, the current rotation will remain unchanged until recording stops.

public static final HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode ROTATE

Crop region will rotate and use a constant scale level.

The result will be leveled. The scale will use the same value to avoid zooming in/out of the original camera frame. The drawback is that the field of view will be smaller.

Public Methods

public static HVTVars.HVTLevelerCropMode valueOf (String name)

public static final HVTLevelerCropMode[] values ()